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Some questions you might have will be answered here.

If not ask us anything!

  • Do I need to register again to get invited?
    If you have participated in 2021 or you have subscribed our list in 2021 you'll get invited as soon as the boogie tickets are available 😃
  • What does the ticket include?
    The tickets include: Welcome event (Meet & Drinks on the arrival day) One week Boogie Program Load organizing Sunset beverage (beer or non alcoholic) Boogie prices & goodies Paella dinner and awesome party (last night / friday night)
  • Is there a jump limit to join this boogie?
    We have no jump limit on the event. The basic idea is to blend different skydivers with different experience levels, origins, years in sports and more. People with 5k+ jumps enjoy the boogie as much as people with ~200 jumps. It's not about competition here, it's about having fun together. Oh, one thing to add: We jump at our skill levels. If you are new to skydiving and solo jumps work best for you, you will mostly jump solos. The good thing is, you will learn naturally while having fun because you're surrounded by more experienced skydivers. And all without pressure.
  • Is it possible to join later or leave earlier?
    To have the best experience we recommend to join the complete boogie. But of course you can join later or leave earlier. There are a few things you should keep in mind, if you do so: No change of the ticket price No change of accomodation price If you leave earlier, you will miss the party! #fomo
  • What is the price per jump?
    The regular jump ticket price is 31 € More info about bundles can be found here:
  • What plane brings you up to altitude?
    Skytime is growing. This leaves us with a Cessna 208 Caravan. 15 People plus pilot.
  • Where does Mucho Fun Boogie happen?
    Mucho Fun Boogie happens at the woweeee awesome dropzone of in Castellón (Spain). The DZ is located at the mediterean sea, just separed by a road and the beach. Google maps
  • For whom is Mucho Fun Boogie?
    Skydivers who: want to have a relaxed week, where everything can happen are not only focused in jumping would like to enjoy skydiving at their skill level — some "fine tuning" will happen naturally while having fun together. Thats our secret sauce 🙃 like to be social while and after jumping skydiver who like to party (psst…🤫 the costume party on the last night is legendary) who are fine with having one day off. We aim for: Three days jumping, one day off (fun park), two days jumping. would like to go to the fun park Portaventura on the day off [optional] would like to do yoga in the mornings [optional]
  • How to travel?
    There are different possibilities for traveling to Skytime in Castellón. by plane you can fly to Valencia (VLC) or Barcelona (BCN) rent a car and drive to Castellón take public transport by car some of us will drive from Switzerland, if you would like to join the road trip, ruffly 14h, contact us in the comments when you book your ticket by train you can also book a train to arrive to Castellón If you need any help with your travel, contact us.
  • Where can I sleep?
    Actually, almost where ever you want 😃 We had people who came with their bus and other attendees, renting an Airbnb. But this event is about mingling and having fun together—so we rent flats in MarinaSuites close to the dropzone. MarinaSuites apartments are located at the harbor from el Grau, Castellón. To the dz it takes 5 to 8 mins by car and about 25 mins walk. You can either chose to share a bedroom or have an own bedroom. The apartments have two bedrooms, so you'll share the apartments. It also includes a small kitchen, bathroom and a small living room. If you would like to share an apartment with other friends who register for the event, let us know, then we will make that possible. If you want to take care of your own accomodation, feel free to do so.
  • Price increase
    As you're well aware, everything has skyrocketed in price, forcing us to do the same with our rates. But fear not, dear adventurer! The MuchoFunBoogie Team is committed to granting you a week of unparalleled delight, all while blissfully bypassing the pursuit of profits. Our mission? To etch memories upon your heart that will sparkle with the brilliance of a thousand shooting stars!
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