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Terms & Conditions

The small printed things you agree, when buying your Tickets


You can book a slot as soon as tickets are available. Your slot is safe as soon as we receive your payment. Additionally you can book accommodation and for the day off the PortAventura package.

Waiting list

If the boogie is full, you can get on the waiting list, in case of a cancellation you have the chance to get the slot.


Cancellation Policy (Boogie Fee)
  • The initial 50€ of the ticket price is non-refundable at all times. This amount covers our administration costs in the event of a cancellation.

  • If you are unable to attend the event, you have two options for a refund or ticket transfer.

  1. Replacement Arrangement: If you can arrange for a suitable replacement to attend in your place, or if we can find a participant from the waiting list to take your spot, your ticket price minus the 50€ administration fee can be refunded or forwarded to the replacing participant. However, please note that any replacement person must be validated and approved by our team before the refund or ticket transfer can be processed. The validation ensures the suitability and compatibility of the replacement participant.

  2. Open Slots: If there are still open slots available for the event, you will not be eligible for a refund.

  • Please be aware that any refunds or ticket transfers are subject to the availability of replacement participants and the event's capacity constraints.

Cancellation apartment
  • The cancellation of an apartment booking can only be eligible for a refund if we are able to find a suitable replacement for the booked room/bed or if alternative accommodations can be arranged. In any case, a 30€ administration fee will be retained.

Corona / Pandemic

In case that we have to cancel the complete event due to local restrictions caused by the pandemic, your slot can remain safed for the next Mucho Fun Boogie or we refund your ticket price minus 50€.


Participants of Mucho Fun Boogie are required to carry a valid skydiving sport licence issued by a national skydiving federation. Participants carry responsibility over their own safety while skydiving during the Boogie.

3rd Party liability insurance is mandatory for jumping at Mucho Fun Boogie. Medical insurance or travel insurance with medical coverage, valid for the planned activities and valid in the country of destination is mandatory for all boogie participants. The participants should make their own travel arrangements and are advised to take a cancellation insurance.

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